Caribbean islands : a great potential for filmmaking.

Location and Cinema equipment rental in the Caribbean

Even though no Caribbean island can match locations like India or Dubai in terms of the large-scale film production facilities that can be a draw for movie productions, ALL Caribbean islands have local capability in video production for TV and advertising purposes and offer attractive filming locations due to varied topography.

The film and audiovisual sector requires a wide variety of activities, specialized skills and qualifications: on the one hand, production services in entertainment encompass animation, advertising, film-making, photography, etc.; on the other hand, post-production services concentrate on adding animations, computer graphics and special effects.

However, in order to attract more productions there is an urgent need for greater visibility of recognized professional services that can be drawn upon across Caribbean islands. In other words, enabling a percussive and accurate response not merely on each island qualities as a location but also and above all on availability of skilled labour, production facilities, equipment, etc.

Caribbean Light and Grip aims to initiate a sector-based answer through an operation which provides development opportunities to professionals involved in film development, promotion, distribution and exhibition in the Caribbean region, whilst maximizing audiences for regional films and Caribbean co-productions.

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