Preview of « Tropiques criminels ».

The originality of the series comes from the duo of female police officers played by Sonia Rolland and Béatrice de la Boulaye. This composition remains an exception in France.
The first episode of a series is often the most difficult to write. You have to establish the characters, start the story arcs, lay the groundwork. But above all, you have to capture the viewer’s curiosity, which always has the power to zap.

Verdict: These first pictures are a nice surprise. A lot of rhythm, a very good level. 52 minutes that pass quickly.

The president of the Territorial Collectivity, Alfred Marie-Jeanne, underlined the positive impact of this type of shooting for the department. Economic spin-offs with accommodation, catering, technology, new trades.
And spin-offs in terms of image for Martinique, which benefits from an exposure of 8 times 50 minutes on a national channel, in prime time. The location shots show many communities, the scenery is different from the clichés of beaches and coconut palms, and the protagonists are integrated into local social life.

Caribbean Light and Grip were very happy to work on this original program.
A France 2 series. Produced by Thierry Sorel. Directed by Stéphane Kappes and Denis Thybaud. Created by Eric Eider, Ivan Piettre. 8 episodes of 52 minutes.


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