Preview of « Tropiques criminels ».

The originality of the series comes from the duo of female police officers played by Sonia Rolland and Béatrice de la Boulaye. This composition remains an exception in France.The first episode of a series is often the most difficult to write. You have to establish the characters, start the story arcs, lay the groundwork. But … Read more

Location Scouting & Management

On set in the Caribbean - Light on set - INSPIRE 2 - Cinema equipment for rent in the Caribbean

Caribbean Light and Grip provides location scouting, management and infrastructure needs for film, commercial production, episodic TV, and much more. Caribbean Light and Grip has an intimate knowledge of the Caribbean islands. Most of our crews come from the Islands — we know the best way to get from point A to point B and … Read more

Rental equipment for cinema, video, photo in the Caribbean islands.

Location and Cinema equipment rental in the Caribbean

Caribbean Light and Grip can provide many technical solutions. We cover any technical on-set need you may have while shooting in the Caribbean. We are filmmakers ourselves: we understand the needs of small and large productions. We take pride in a well run set. We have the essential cinema and video production equipment and more. … Read more

Caribbean islands : a great potential for filmmaking.

Location and Cinema equipment rental in the Caribbean

Even though no Caribbean island can match locations like India or Dubai in terms of the large-scale film production facilities that can be a draw for movie productions, ALL Caribbean islands have local capability in video production for TV and advertising purposes and offer attractive filming locations due to varied topography. The film and audiovisual sector requires a wide variety of … Read more

A true commitment to the Caribbean

Cinema equipment for rent

Caribbean Light & Grip is not only a rental house.We are proud of our islands. Our wish is to promote our countries, and to assure a local social impact. That’s why we want to : To provide professional development opportunities for film and audiovisual professionals in the Caribbean countries and territories To enhance and upskill … Read more